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  Activate your ATM/Debit cards by calling 1-866-633-5293. Please remember that you must be calling from the phone number we have on record.





    Keep your information secure!

Should you receive a call that displayed as a Vidalia Federal telephone number with a person asking for online banking log-in or debit card information, do not EVER give your log-in information (user name and password) to anybody. No one from Vidalia Federal will ever ask you for a password. If you are ever in doubt as to whether a call is "real" or not, if it is from us or from any other organization, you can always hang up, look up the contact number, and call them directly. Always be careful when giving out personal information.


Also please be aware that most "Free Trial Offers" that involve you paying only shipping costs often result in your being charged for products you are not aware of. This has become frequent as of late and customers are not able to dispute the charges because they entered into an agreement with the merchant. Please be responsible when giving our your debit card information!


 To conform with government regulations, transfers to and from passbook savings account are limited to 6 per month via online banking and telebanker.

                  Any transfers in excess of 6 must be done at the bank.




To report lost or stolen ATM/Debit cards, please call 800-500-1044.

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