Vidalia Federal Savings was organized in October 1936 and received its federal charter as a Federal Savings and Loan Association at that time. Its primary purpose was to promote thrift and home ownership in the Vidalia area. Assets of the institution on December 31, 1936 were $23,001.16 and have increased to $194,471,850.45 as of December 31, 2006. The reserve structure on capital of the institutions has increased to $23,131,794.20 or 28.14% of its total loans.

The Institution changed its name to Vidalia Federal Savings Bank in January 2003 to better align its name with provided services but is still guided by the following pledge:

By This Faith We Live

Our Association is a fellowship of human beings for human beings. We exist for the common man, for those who work, economize and save. We are educators in habits of saving, trustees of savings, and merchandisers of homesteads in behalf of families without homes.

Our Faith

  • We believe in Savings and Loan Associations as cooperative institutions for safety of savings, promotion of thrift, protection of capital, and establishment of homes.
  • We believe in the sanctity of the home, in the sturdy patriotism centering in a home, in the right of every family to earn and own a home, and that the supreme test of an Association is the measure of its service in teaching thrift habits and making families investors in America through investment in homes.
  • We believe a Savings and Loan Association is a public trust, that all in its service are trustees for others, and that consent to any lesser service than public service is a violation of our trust.
  • We believe that careful appraisals, sound investments, conservative dividends, ample reserves, and adaptation of policy to changing social needs are fundamental to fulfillment of our stewardship as a Savings and Loan Association.
  • We believe that safety of savings is the first responsibility of a Savings and Loan, that income and dividends are secondary, and that any disbursement of funds except for safe income or the welfare of members and the community is indefensible.
  • We believe that the Association that serves best, and best deserves success, holds honor above gain; cherishes equal ethical standards in business and in shareholders, its employees, and itself; guides and advises its members selflessly; protects them in the profits of thrift; guards them in ownership of their homes; is fair with borrowers, patient with delinquents, but never neglectful of duty; serves all men without bias of religion or race or politics; is not moved by ambition for influence or lust of power; is not balked by censure nor bought by praise; is an Association of humanity, of and for the people of today in the United States of today.

Our Pledge

To this faith we dedicate ourselves and our Association.
In this faith we serve and hope. By it we live.


To report lost or stolen ATM/Debit cards, please call 800-500-1044.

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